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Thranduil and Jareth (the Goblin King from Labyrinth) could basically be related; Jareth is like that one relative that Thrandy tries to pretend isn’t connected to him in any way.

Jareth is how Thrandy would have turned out if he never grew out of his 80s fantasy glam rock phase. They hate one another because neither of them can out-sass the other. 

Saw the BoFA poster and then this happened, because I still think it’s an AU worth existing. Now if I could only figure out how on earth to write the stupid thing. 

Finally listened to the second HTTYD audiobook while drawing this. It was a lot of fun, especially since I’ve seen Riders/Defenders of Berk, and while the movies and the TV show are NOTHING AT ALL like the books, they take a lot of elements from the source material and work it into the continuity they’ve created.
I quite like both versions, though I still prefer movieverse, as it seems more upbeat and hopeful. :)








Tiny Thorin(kili fili) 4

I think I made a story?

1.Once upon a time there were three tiny little dwarves.They were very happy.

2.One day,the oldest dwarf could not find his nephews.He searched every where.But still cloud not find them.

3.He waited and waited.And the rain would come soon.

4.He was very upset.The nephews never come back.

If you saw them please tell this poor thing.

It’s so cute! now we just need it to be found by his nephews. <3

Congratulations, is very beautiful!

asdfghjkl … This is too adorable for words! You are very talented. :)

The eldest dwarf searched high and low for his nephews for many days, and always returned to the same spot at night, in case they came back. Several months passed and they never did, so he decided to move on. The edible plants in his home had stopped producing, and he was hungry.

It took another week of walking, but the eldest dwarf finally found himself in a lovely place, a beautifully blooming garden with plenty of food. As he attempted to pull a tomato from the vine, he heard a deafening shout.

"Oh, please, those are not yours!" The garden, it seemed, was tended by a weary-looking giant. The eldest dwarf released the tomato, drawing his sword.

"I am tired and I am hungry, and my heart is full of sorrow. Without my family, this one tomato will last me days. Allow me to take it, and I will be on my way."

The giant knelt down, brows furrowed in thought. “Your family…they’re all as small as you?” The dwarf nodded.

"My nephews, yes. I’ve lost them." The giant’s eyes went wide, and he shook his head.

"Come out, lads, come out! You’ve been found!"

The eldest dwarf was confused. Was this giant mad? Then, from the curls atop his head, came two small bodies. His nephews! They cried out for him, and the giant plucked them out of his hair, placing them on the ground.

"He is a good giant!" They assured their uncle. "He kept us warm and dry all this time!"

The giant sat back, pleased that his young charges were lost no longer, yet also sad. He’d enjoyed having house guests, no matter how small and rambunctious. The eldest dwarf, after some time, quieted his nephews and turned to the giant.

"For watching over my nephews, you deserve a reward. But alas! I have nothing to give." The giant smiled.

"Their company was enough. They even helped me tend my garden." A shy smile stole over his face. "However, if you’re not opposed, perhaps you would agree to come visit, from time to time? I have few neighbors, and it does get lonely."

The eldest dwarf thought it over, then nodded. “Perhaps…we could live here, in your garden? Then you would not be lonely, and we wouldn’t have to wander so to feed ourselves.” The giant clapped his hands, smile much brighter.

"Yes, I do believe that is the best solution of all!"

And that was how the eldest dwarf found not only his nephews, but a new home for them all.

Cannot belive it!!!Someone really wrote a story about it!!And I love it !It’s awesome!XDDDDDI just wonder who is the lovely giant?

"Your nephews." The giant said suddenly, realization dawning. "They spoke of you often, yet they never said your name." The eldest dwarf frowned at his boys, who had the courtesy to look sheepish.

"As you may know, they are called Fili," The eldest dwarf pointed to the taller of his nephews. "And Kili." Then pointed to the darker. His hand came to rest on his chest. "I am Thorin, and we are dwarves." The giant’s smile returned, and he bowed his head.

"It is very nice to meet you, Thorin and company."

"And if I may ask," Thorin began, head tilted back to see his new landlord better, "Who, and what, might you be?" The giant reached out, extending a finger for the eldest to shake.

"My name is Bilbo Baggins, master dwarf, and I am a hobbit."

Lovely story,better than I drawed;3
Every dwarf deserves a happy ending.😊🙏

The first time I went on Omegle and someone asked me, ASL? I was quite confused.
My Dad has always been fluent in American Sign Language, and ever since I was a wee bebeh he and others had always referred to it as ASL (He was/is also fluent in LSQ, Langue des signes québécoise).
It did not take me too long to figure out that Omegle was not full of Deaf people, just gross horny users. -__-

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